Hatha Yoga

"Come to the mat, find out who you are and what you need - physically, mentally, and energetically."

Hatha Yoga is a system of over a thousand years old knowledge about body and mind. This is also the meaning of the word Hatha: the harmony between body and mind. Hatha Yoga was conceived as a spiritual path to harmonize the body, mind and energy and thereby go deeper into self-knowledge. The practice of Hatha Yoga includes, among other things, the asanas (physical exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises), mudras (gestures), and meditation.

What I love most about Hatha Yoga is its holistic nature and this incredibly ancient and comprehensive wisdom. I like to incorporate this into my yoga classes.


„Dive deeper, be free“
""Who are you if you can´t see anthing?"

Blindfolded Yoga? Exactly! Antastha means “the deepest” in Sanskrit, and that’s what it’s all about. Because this style of yoga takes you into the depths of yourself.

A blindfold supports you in this practice to block out all visual influences and to focus more on your other senses and your deeper self. You build a deeper connection to your body while your mind finds deep relaxation and peace.

Antastha Yoga, developed by Sanjeev Bhanot, helps stimulate your nervous system, find inner strength and flexibility, and activate your overall life energy. On a spiritual level, Antastha Yoga promotes a deeper awareness of one’s own mind, as well as the mind-body connection.


During my Antastha Yoga classes I support you with clear instructions and special hands-on, through which you can feel absolutely safe with your practice even when blindfolded.