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Music Making, Yoga and Breathwork Retreat

Portugal / Algarve - NEW DATES SOON!

Step into your creativity and (Re)connect to yourself and the world around you!

Join us for a six-day Retreat in
Portugal full of Music Making, Yoga and Breathwork!

(Re)connect gives you the space and time to deepen the connection with yourself and the world around you in a conscious and playful way.


We will focus on creating new music together, and use yoga and breathwork as a vehicle for tapping into our creativity.
For this retreat you don’t need to be a rockstar, a guru, or an athlete. We don’t need you to put your legs behind your neck, or show off on an instrument. What you need is a heartbeat, a moving body, an open mind and ready to share some smiles.


“Through Yoga, Breathwork and Music Making you step into your own creative space and discover who you are: On the yoga mat, while breathing or while playing an instrument".

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Please Notice: New Dates are Realesed soon!

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