Lisa. Yogateacher with all my heart. In Germany and Portugal at home. Traveller. Explorer. Passionate about all kinds of movement, Yoga and
music. Optimistic soul. Always with an idealistic view on the world, aiming for connection, unity and social justice. I teach traditional Hatha Yoga, combining Asanas, breathwork and meditation.

For me, Yoga and music always belonged together. Both are about self-experience, movement and creating unity. To foster these qualities,
I involve sound and music into my yoga sessions. I am also specialised in Antastha Yoga, a blindfolded Yoga practice which is about connecting to the body from within.

You will find in my classes only what I have experienced myself in yoga and what I found valuable.

 I did my Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife, and learned especially from Sanjeev Bhanot, Manoj Bhanot and Mica Preguermann. I am certified by Yoga Alliance RYT 300.

YOUnison - Yoga and Sound

YOUnison is my concept, in which I unite yoga and sound. In YOUnison is the YOU and the word Unison, which in the musical sense means harmony. Unison is a state in harmony, a state in which everything is perfectly “tuned” to each other, as in a good piece of music or every single yoga exercise. And the creator of this state is YOU: YOUnison.

For me, yoga & sound are directly connected: it’s about self-awareness, balance, and unity. And both aspects support each other. In my Yoga & Sound sessions I incorporate sound elements into the yoga practice. This can be done through music and instruments during the practice. Here I focus on self-awareness: What do these sounds and vibrations do to you? At the same time, I open the space to experiment with your own sound: through breathing exercises or vocal exercises. What sounds are inside you?

YOUnison Yoga Sound